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Get a personal test drive Promotion **Expires March 28th, 2019 **

Do you want to make the switch to LiveU? Contact an EAR product specialist today for a personal test drive with the new LU300 HEVC! Contact an EAR product specialist today for complete details or call 800-473-6914.

** Special Pricing and Programs for Schools of Journalism & Broadcasting!!!

More about the New affordable LiveU LU300:

LiveU LU300 front view
  • Highest quality video and lowest delay – even in bandwidth as low as 1Mbps
  • Enlarged 2.2″ display – visible even in bright sunlight conditions
  • JOG controller for easier control of the unit
  • 3-hour internal battery
  • Weighs less than 2 lbs
  • 4 audio channels
  • Stronger CPU for super-fast file upload: Store & Forward, Live & Store
  • Bonds up to 6 connections: Two LTE-Advanced Dual Sim Internal Modems, two external modems, WiFi and LAN
  • Also available as an integrated camera mount (Anton Bauer and V-mount)

Learn more about the LU300

More About LiveU: You may have heard about LiveU products, powerful compact tools that can help you stream like a pro. That’s why the majority of live broadcast content worldwide uses LiveU. Take a closer look in person or virtually and see what it can do to help you get better quality live streams from anywhere – without needing a huge crew or large budget.

With LiveU’s complete family of 3G/4G bonded uplink products, more options are available for live news and event coverage. All LiveU products connect with LiveU’s Central, enabling control rooms to manage multiple incoming video feeds and content simply and effectively from units operating in different locations.

The LiveU product line ranges starts at under $1,000. More about LiveU applications. Contact and LiveU product specialist today at 800-473-6914 an get up and streaming tomorrow!

Checkout their entire line of LiveU products.


Stream Any Audio To Your Cell Phone


In the category of simple but amazingly functional is a new product set by AudioFetch. Any application that can benefit by personal audio feeds, will love these Wi-Fi broadcasting products!

General overview

Entertainment venues, museums, house of worship – really anytime the listener would like to control their own volume level and source – AudioFetch can deliver. Simply purchase once of their audio processors and connect your audio source. The AudioFetch device will encode the audio and deliver via Wi-Fi to any cell phone that is app enabled (Free via iTunes or the android app stores). The audio is broadcasted via multicasting so there is no limit to the number of simultaneous listeners. Encoding boxes with up to 64 inputs are available for multi-lingual or multi source applications (example: sports bar).

EAR can help guide you through the various options and guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results, happy listeners! Contact us today via chat, contact form, email or call 800-473-6914.

More factory fresh details or get a quick quote today!

P.S. VideoFatch is coming soon…


Make Live Streaming Profitable!

Monitize live streaming for entertainment and house of worship HOW

Boxcast offers the easiest and most complete live video streaming solution that allows any  organization to monetize streaming content (live or on demand). Matched with LiveU’s bonded streaming hardware – you’ll never miss an event date and maximize your revenue.


  • Houses of worship – Collect donations for Live or On-demand
  • Entertainment Venues – Collect Tickets for Live or On-demand
  • Live Concerts – Collect Tickets for Live or On-demand
Monitize your streaming with BoxCast. Simply schedule your broadcast ahead of time meaning one less thing to keep track of on the day of your event. Your viewers will get a perfectly-sized picture on any device – smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus, there’s no buffering and no annoying ads to distract from your streamed content. Whoa Nellie! tell me more


Stream Live from Anywhere via 4G celluar network and never miss delivering your content. LiveU supports multiple local cellular networks and available broadband to “bond” together the live stream for seemly redundant bandwidth. In other words, LiveU provides multiple realtime delivery of your stream for maximum bandwidth and fail-safe delivery to your CDN or streaming provider. Make sure your paid event never drops a frame from start to finish or discover creative new business opportunities including At-Home technology. Ask about Monthly specials!

For a free demo and walk through, contact an EAR product specialist today @ 800-473-6914 or use our chat window for 24×7 messaging.

Upgrade To The New TriCaster: TC1

Until March 2018 Get Huge Trade In Value towards the TC1!

Did you know that most TriCasters have up to $6,000 in trade value towards the newest generation TC1 TriCaster? Contact an EAR product specialist today about this very special time sensitive offer!

Introducing The Next Generation of NewTek TriCaster: TC1

If you’ve been waiting for the “next” big thing from Newtek, or really anyone – the wait is over. The TC1 series is a complete production system with 16 inputs, integrated multi-channel Skype calling, that will stream and publish anywhere, all in 4K UHD, 60p, with IP inter-connectivity.
** Generous Upgrades for Most Tricasters **

Snap shot features:

  • Built Entirely around ALL NEW IP based hardware
  • 2RU or 3RU rack mount 16 input switcher
  • 2 control panel to choose from
  • 4x 3G-SDI inputs w/ 1080p 60 support
  • 8x additional 3G-SDI inputs with the NC-1 module
  • 4x 3G-SDI outputs (or 1x UHD quad-link SDI output)
  • 4K UHD support (via NDI or quad-link SDI through the NC-1 input module)
  • 2x SkypeTX channels built-in
  • 2x DDRs, 2x GFX, multiple audio and animation buffers
  • 4x M/Es each w/ 4 keyers
  • 6 Recording channels for Iso or line cut
  • Encoding support for UHD 60p
  • Two independent program outputs
  • Delivery to multiple streaming targets, multi-resolution & multi-bitrate
  • Publish clips to VOD platforms during production
  • Upgrade Specials for existing TriCaster Users!

Models to Choose from:

Model Comparison TC1 Base Bundle TC1 Plus Bundle TC1 Max Bundle
3G-SDI Inputs (combined IP and 3G SDI) 4 4 12 (4+8)
NC1 Module Included No No Yes
Redundant Power No Yes Yes
Interface Size 2RU 3RU 3RU
Control Surface Size 1.5 Stripe 1.5 Stripe 2 Stripe
Control Surface Source Keys 14 14 24
EAR Only ** Includes monitors, training & unlimited support Yes Yes Yes
Sales Tax Extra? (Let’s talk!) ? ? ?
Special System Bundle Price $19,995 $24,995 $39,995

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House Of Worship by EAR

Professional broadcast media products for worship

A common thought in the world of faith based organizations is that “we’re only one generation away from being obsolete”. In other words, remaining relevant to your congregation is a constant process. Specifically, over time failing to hold the interest of the younger generation can spell the end for even the most established and active organization.

Key to holding people’s interests is quality content and delivery. While EAR can’t write your sermons, we can provide the best products and value for your audio, video and media technology. Here are the 5 most common upgrades spiritual venues undertake to bringing their facility up to contemporary standards or better engage younger families interests.

Sound for House of Worship HOW

This topic effects everyone, young and old. It’s not about loud, it’s about clarity, energizing your music and holding people’s attention. If your sound system is over 5-10 years old, chances are a sound upgrade with get you on your way to re-energizing your congregation. Don’t forget that over 10% of people suffer from some form or hearing loss. A “hearing loop” system can literally bring people to your services for this reason alone (besides your timeless messaging!). We’ve been providing professional sound systems for 40+ years and treat it as our first love.

Cameras & Recording
It all starts with great content including broadcast quality cameras, switching and post production editing. EAR specializes in system packages and/or integration with installation and training. We can guide you through the upgrade process and repurpose some of your existing equipment or quickly get you up and running with new technology and customized workflows.

Streaming & Remote Campuses
For growing congregations, it can be challenging to handle multiple services in multiple locations. Next best thing to a challenging the barriers of time and space is linking your campuses via HD quality products via the internet. There are some very cost effective ways to connect your sites or stream to 1,000’s and in many cases use existing internet capabilities to reduce overhead. As for a system evaluation and we’ll provide a cost assessment for you as to charge.

Video Walls & Projection
Video walls and large screen projection are getting more affordable and capable every day. Many faith based facilities have existing video content that can be used to upgrade lobby areas with a video wall or repurpose meetings rooms into overflow areas with stunning visuals. In addition to installation, EAR can provide as free cost assessment, projected budget and financing.

Upgrading to laser projection can actually save you money if you’re operating older tube based projectors. Sparkling clarity and minimal maintenance and power consumption are standard features in today’s nicer projectors. We can provide a free demonstration in most cases.

Many houses of worship are limping along with old heat generating or drab colored lighting. The newest generation of LED lighting can make your presentations come alive while reducing your power and air conditioning costs. Most systems pay for themselves in energy savings alone!

These are just some of the advantages of upgrading or building new facilities for faith based organizations. EAR has been providing professional audio, video, lighting and control systems for decades. Our clients are our best sales people, reflecting the lifetime of quality support and performance.