NAB 2023 ** Post-Show Follow up?

NAB Show Las Vegas
NAB, the industries biggest show for broadcast and professional media is the broadcast industries premier event. If EAR can help provide personal feedback for a key manufacturer(s) please let us know! Simply “register” and request a topic or manufacturer and we’ll make it happen. We can help prepare a personal post-show briefing, just register below and suggest products of interest!

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Hot Show New Products & Booth Debut:

  • Robotic Cameras and Support Systems
  • Automated Workflow Products (including social media posting)
  • LED Video Walls, Command and Control
  • Shared Storage and Archiving and content management
  • IP based Infrastructure (routing and switching)

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Independence From Your Aging Hardware

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NewTek Freedom

Enjoy More Freedom

Creating and managing professional live content using the latest innovations from NewTek has never been easier. Free yourself by harnessing the production power you want in the time and place you need it most – even remotely. Get a quick quote!

Tradin and Tradup

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Creating and managing professional live content has never been easier and more affordable than with NewTek and EAR. As a value added NewTek reseller we will assist you to find the newest NewTek solution to fit your needs and give you more independence with your video workflow.

Discover the most complete live video production system on the planet featuring ‘better than broadcast’ functionality and uncompromising flexibility managing and editing Zoom, Teams and most video conferencing platforms.

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Newtek TC2 TriCaster 2 Elite (3RU Chassis w/ redundant power)

The TriCaster 2 Elite is the most complete video production platform available today, and sets a new platinum standard for how much you can achieve with a single system.

More about the TriCaster 2 Elite
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NewTek Tricaster 2 Elite with Microsoft Teams Video

NewTek Tricaster Current Generation Products

  • TalkShow (4ch units fully warrantied demo units starting at under $5,995)  The turnkey solution that delivers live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD, is the only video calling production system that integrates everything you need for professional-grade video calling into a single interface in your control room. Buy Now
  • TriCaster Mini (starting as $6,995 – control surface sold separately)— Don’t let it’s size mislead you – the Mini is a powerful 4 M/E production switcher with HDMI connectivity, ideal for small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts. All new Mini models now include Free Advanced edition Buy Now
  • TriCaster 410 (for $9,995 USMSRP*; control surface sold separately)—HDMI 4 M/E production switcher, HD-SDI connectivity, ideal for small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts. 

NewTek Tricaster Prev Generation Products?


Before you read all about Newtek’s previous generation TriCaster, consider most can traded-in at the industries best cash value! Including free training to get you up to speed on the latest features!

  • TriCaster 460 Trade-in Specials! Free Training, Monitors & Advanced Edition! HD-SDI 4 M/E production switcher with greater connectivity and broader creative flexibility for any small or medium-sized production, particularly where live video content is touched up, re-packaged or repurposed for postproduction or supplemental programming. Educational models include FREE LiveText2 and Virtual Set editor until July 31st.  
  • TriCaster 860 Trade-in Specials! Free Training and Monitors ( System designed for full-sized live action with an abundance of angles, visuals, coverage and postproduction tools, offering a full 8 M/E production switcher, I/O, graphics and effects, and greater media storage capacity. Educational models include FREE LiveText2 and Virtual Set editor until July 31st.  
  • TriCaster 8000 – Trade-in Specials! Free Training, Monitors & Advanced Edition!( Ccontent publishing hub for all the media in a live program, with a premium 8 M/E production switcher, built-in failsafe and redundancy capabilities, and extensive router support for enhanced broadcast integration, massive multi-camera coverage, and mission critical high-end productions of any size. Educational models include FREE LiveText2 and Virtual Set editor.  


Upgrade most models with Factory Specials! 

Request a DemoWe also offer special pricing for educational and government purchasing. Ask about our system discounts for packages loaded with Tricaster compatible cameras, monitors and hundreds of accessories. Compare the entire line of Tricaster models. EAR is the Southwest’s largest Newtek reseller – visit our events page for the next factory sponsored event! Free training with a new Tricaster purchase.

EAR is the official Netwek national Elite reseller. We have a complete staff of factory trained and certified professionals – and competitive pricing for commercial or educational models! Ask about our free training and accessories to complete your Tricaster purchase! 800-473-6914.

Installation * Bonded * Licensed * Insured * Free shipping, training * ship within one business day

Asset Management for Post & Broadcast, MAM, PAM or DAM?

video, media management, cloud, hybrid-cloud, on-premise, services, shared storage, vmware certified

As server virtualization and cloud functionality infuse the world of video post and broadcast, there are now hundreds of options to manage media. The most popular strategy preferred by larger organizations is to consolidate the number of media services and primary platforms for greater simplicity and ease of use. Depending upon your workflow, this can be as easy as finding one media management product that provides most if not all of your functionality or a minimum combination of products and services.

For larger workflow demands, operational cost and a simple user interface will likely require multiple platforms and services. In this scenario, choosing products that can communicate with each other will require a strong inter-communication (API) capabilities and a user friendly configuration interface. MAM systems (Media Asset Management) will need to talk to PAM systems (Production Asset Management) and DAM systems (Digital Asset Management).

This article can help review how MAMs, DAMs and PAMs differ in resolving these needs. For enterprise or smaller organization media management, we invite you to contact us for a personal demo or quick quote as this product space is changing daily!

Some really good news
With recent advancements in virtualization and cloud resources, the cost and ease organizing your media has taken a quantum leap forward. First let’s agree on some terms for the common types of asset management systems.

Post and broadcast production asset management systems:

  • DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • PAM (Production Asset Management)
  • MAM (Media Asset Management)

  • In most post and broadcast environments, a Production Asset Management system (PAM) is perfect. For Larger applications or tighter integration with other business systems, a Media Asset Management system (MAM) is a more functional and customizable choice. Digital Asset Manager systems (DAM) can be used for post and broadcast, however MAMs are typically used with DAMs to provide better workflow functionality.

    Secure Sharing & Remote Access
    PAMs, MAMs or DAMs consider secure files sharing with coworkers and clients to be a core feature. Assets can be directly accessed via browsers or other applications, saving everyone time and effort. To minimize bandwidth for these purposes, proxy (low resolution) versions of the files are used with access to the full resolution version for download as needed. This is the single most important issues when determining system hardware and cloud resources.

    Clients requiring remote access or working on mobile devices can also require real-time proxies. In general, the more proxies you need, the more processing you’ll need. If your demands moves beyond a few editors or require real-time proxies, special hardware or dedicated cloud/virtual services may be required (ie: it can get expensive quickly). However the flexibility and benefits may be well worth the extra costs.

    MAMs, Future Proofing & APIs
    For larger applications, MAMs can provide real-time access to data for other business systems. This opens up functionality for ecommerce, traffic, compliance and many other crucial business functions. Communication with other business systems is usually managed through a common application programming interface or “API”. The need for APIs is largely related to customization and real-time data sharing. For systems requiring customization or sharing program data, API is a big feature. If you think APIs will become important for your future needs, this may determine if the extra cost for a MAM compared to a PAM is a good value. If you invest in a MAM, you should confirm the API documentation is well maintained and supported by the manufacturer.

    Ease of Use Is Everything
    Editors don’t like to leave the editing application while they are working. For this reason, PAMs or MAMs that allow editors to access and manage assets from within a workflow application’s user interface are highly valued. To accomplish this, the MAM or PAM asset features appear as a panel or menu option. This is a big time saver as bouncing between applications becomes unnecessary. DAMs don’t usually provide this feature for post and broadcast applications.

    Comparing Systems
    Each asset management system has its strengths, weaknesses and specialized features. There are 100’s of manufacturers, and each have their own market focus. Let’s compare MAMs, PAMs and DAMs from the post production and broadcast perspectives. Below is a brief comparison for each system type.

    PAM (Production Asset Management)
    – Advantages:

  • Work directly inside production editing “panels” (Adobe/Avid/Resolve)
  • Self service secure Access to assets by 3rd parties
  • Cost is inexpensive to moderate compared to DAMs and MAMs
  • Interface and functionality can be fine tuned for post production and broadcast applications
  • Special Features include collaboration and easy of secure sharing
  • – Limitations:
  • Difficult to manage some media types not specific to post production and broadcast
  • Managing archived or near-line media (cloud, disk or tape) may required 3rd party applications
  • May be specific to storage manufacturer (Avid, Editshare, SNS, etc.)
  • Limited in ability to integrate with mission critical business systems
  • Upper limits on size of user base and quantity of media
  • May be editing platform specific (Adobe, Avid, etc.)
  • – Suggested PAM products:
    Editshare Flow, Avid Interplay, SNS ShareBrowser, Facilis FastTracker, ProMax Platform

    MAM (Media Asset Management)
    – Advantages:

  • Provides all features of a PAM
  • Designed to scale to unlimited number of users
  • Interface and functionality can be fine tuned beyond post production and broadcast applications
  • Special Features include high degree of customization and ability to manage enterprise applications
  • Can manage more media types than PAMs
  • Managing on-line, archived or near-line media (cloud, disk or tape) natively supported
  • – Limitations:
  • Cost is relatively more expensive compared to PAMs
  • Managing exclusively static documents can be less efficient than a DAM
  • May be editing platform specific (Adobe, Avid, etc.)
  • – Suggested MAM products:
    Arvato MediaPortal, Square Box Systems CatDV

    DAM (Digital Asset Management)
    – Advantages:

  • General purpose asset management
  • Handles a wide variety of documents and files
  • Usually designed to work in real-time with other business platforms
    – Limitations:
  • Can be difficult to manage some media types specific to post production and broadcast
  • May be limited in ability to integrate with mission critical applications like editing and workflow products
  • requires managing assets outside of post production and broadcast applications
  • – Suggested DAM products:
    MicroSoft Sharepoint, Workfront (formerly AtTask), Adobe

    Which One is Right for My Application? MAM, PAM or DAM?
    – Fear not! There is likely a product off the shelf that’s right for you… but it will take some tweaking.
    If this article helped answer a few questions, it likely created even more. Drilling down on the details of the many manufacturers and options can be the more challenging part of the process. We can help you get it right today while keeping an eye on future trends to protect your investment.

    Give us a call, chat or get a quick quote today!

    Live Streaming Broadcasting – LiveU Specials

    LiveU’s LU-Smart mobile app

    LiveU specials Streaming Video Live

    ** Ask about Winter Rentals and Encoder Specials –

    Now With 5G!

    get a quick quote

    LiveU Launches the LU800

    – First Multi-Channel Field Production Unit Remote Camera Control

    The LU800 combines multi-camera production and superior video and audio capabilities with mission-critical transmission in a native 5G unit. Designed from the ground up to unlock 5G potential, the unit offers unparalleled quality of service and resiliency.

    The LU800 supports up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution from a single unit, using powerful IP bonding of up to 14 connections. The unit also offers the highest-quality video performance, with up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth and richness, as well as up to 16 audio channels for high-end productions.


    – Get 3 months of free data with any new encoder purchase.
    – Financing Specials or cash purchase discounts!
    – Free training and setup configuration

    Get A Quick Quote today for complete details or call 800-473-6914.

    ** Special Pricing and Programs for Schools of Journalism & Broadcasting!!!

    About the New affordable LiveU LU300:

    LiveU LU300 front view
    • Highest quality video and lowest delay – even in bandwidth as low as 1Mbps with HEVC codec
    • Enlarged 2.2″ display – visible even in bright sunlight conditions
    • JOG controller for easier control of the unit
    • 3-hour internal battery
    • Weighs less than 2 lbs
    • 4 audio channels
    • Stronger CPU for super-fast file upload: Store & Forward, Live & Store
    • Bonds up to 6 connections: Two LTE-Advanced Dual Sim Internal Modems, two external modems, WiFi and LAN
    • Also available as an integrated camera mount (Anton Bauer and V-mount)

    Learn more about the LU300

    LiveU LU-SMART Mobile app

    With LiveU’s LU-Smart mobile app, you can quickly and reliably expand your content gathering capabilities – transmitting high-quality content from wherever you or your guests are, using only your or their personal smartphones! Guests can be interviewed from their own homes with no technical knowhow needed.

    More About LiveU: You may have heard about LiveU products, powerful compact tools that can help you stream like a pro. That’s why the majority of live broadcast content worldwide uses LiveU. Take a closer look in person or virtually and see what it can do to help you get better quality live streams from anywhere – without needing a huge crew or large budget.

    With LiveU’s complete family of 3G/4G bonded uplink products, more options are available for live news and event coverage. All LiveU products connect with LiveU’s Central, enabling control rooms to manage multiple incoming video feeds and content simply and effectively from units operating in different locations.

    The LiveU product line ranges starts at under $1,000. More about LiveU applications. Contact and LiveU product specialist today at 800-473-6914 an get up and streaming tomorrow!

    Shop the entire line of LiveU products on-line.

    LiveU 360 Webinar

    LiveU 360 Subscription On-demand Live streaming products and services

    Join EAR & LiveU on September 23rd at 1 pm EST as we discuss the new LiveU 360° All-Inclusive Live Video Subscription Service. Find out how this complete turnkey package combines hardware, software, cloud workflow connectivity, unlimited data, and value-added services like IP Pipe, DataBridge, and more with a new fully managed Platinum Service.

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    One of the more common questions for large or small businesses is “how do I grow and not over commit?”. What if you could reduce your need for capital dollars and increase your ability to instantly scale up (or down) to meet changing business conditions? Introducing a bold new concept from the world leader in live streaming and broadcast –

    Instantly scale your live streaming
    capabilities Up (or Down)
    LiveU, the leader in live video streaming and remote production solutions, has launched its new all-inclusive, subscription-based service with a flexible upgrade model, addressing the growing need for live broadcasts in a unique one-stop shop.


    An adaptive business model by design, LiveU 360 gives you everything you need to go live and respond faster with more content, greater reach, and compelling high quality live video experiences.

    Sign up now to find out how LiveU 360 can help you! The LiveU 360° offering includes a range of plans under two umbrellas – 360° Essential and 360° Premium – which are optimized for specific markets like news, enterprise, corporate, sports and other live production coverage and can be upgraded at any time.

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