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NewTek Tricaster Prev Generation Products?

Installation * Bonded * Licensed * Insured * Free shipping, training * ship within one business day

NEW-advanced-Edition-1Before you read all about Newtek’s previous generation TriCaster, consider most can be purchased as used with warranty and with Newtek’s Advanced Edition software option you can breath live into older TriCasters! Adding the Advanced edition to Mini thru 8000 adds 60+ new features including audio configuration and routing, replay DVR extra capabilities, includes new streaming engine.  Better encoders and create multiple formatted streams. Playback of clips now supports transitions. Slow mo  for DDR playback. Alpha channel support for DDR and graphics.

$1,495 for 60+ new features buy now & more info


  • TalkShow (starting at under $3,995)  The turnkey solution that delivers live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD, is the only video calling production system that integrates everything you need for professional-grade video calling into a single interface in your control room. Buy Now

  • TriCaster Mini (starting as $5,995 – control surface sold separately)— Don’t let it’s size mislead you – the Mini is a powerful 4 M/E production switcher with HDMI connectivity, ideal for small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts. All new Mini models now include Free Advanced edition Buy Now
  • TriCaster 410 (for $9,995 USMSRP*; control surface sold separately)—HDMI 4 M/E production switcher, HD-SDI connectivity, ideal for small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts. Buy Now
  • TriCaster 460 Free Training, Monitors & Advanced Edition! (Starting at $11,995 USMSRP*; control surface sold separately)—HD-SDI 4 M/E production switcher with greater connectivity and broader creative flexibility for any small or medium-sized production, particularly where live video content is touched up, re-packaged or repurposed for postproduction or supplemental programming. Educational models include FREE LiveText2 and Virtual Set editor until July 31st.   ALL SPECIAL PRICING EXPIRES SOON Buy Now
  • TriCaster 860 Free Training and Monitors ($24,995 USMSRP*; control surface sold separately)—a system designed for full-sized live action with an abundance of angles, visuals, coverage and postproduction tools, offering a full 8 M/E production switcher, I/O, graphics and effects, and greater media storage capacity. Educational models include FREE LiveText2 and Virtual Set editor until July 31st.   Buy Now
  • TriCaster 8000 – Free Training, Monitors & Advanced Edition!($39,995 USMSRP*; control surface included)—content publishing hub for all the media in a live program, with a premium 8 M/E production switcher, built-in failsafe and redundancy capabilities, and extensive router support for enhanced broadcast integration, massive multi-camera coverage, and mission critical high-end productions of any size. Educational models include FREE LiveText2 and Virtual Set editor until July 31st.   Buy Now

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Upgrade most models with Factory Specials! 

Request a DemoWe also offer special pricing for educational and government purchasing. Ask about our system discounts for packages loaded with Tricaster compatible cameras, monitors and hundreds of accessories. Compare the entire line of Tricaster models. EAR is the Southwest’s largest Newtek reseller – visit our events page for the next factory sponsored event! Free training with a new Tricaster purchase (TC40 1hr, TC410/460 3hrs, TC860/TC8000 4hrs).

EAR is the official Netwek reseller for Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. We have a complete staff of factory trained and certified professionals – and competitive pricing for commercial or educational models! Ask about our free training and accessories to complete your Tricaster purchase! 800-473-6914.


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