Work remotely with Adobe, Avid, BlackMagic in full resolution using remote virtual desktop or proxy streaming technology. Cloud or on premises, securely access your full resolution broadcast quality media. Remote desktop options include access for Mac and Windows clients to visualize both Windows and Linux applications remotely, allowing your work on premise to have unrestrained access to full resolution media because it never leaves the local network, only the desktop view is delivered remotely. Multiple monitors support too!

Whether you are migrating to the cloud, managing zero clients, or building something new, EAR and our key manufacturers can help.

cloud or on premises solutions to work remotely

This Free quotation form is a quick and easy way to evaluate the your present budget and workflow. Chances are we can meet your budget, it’s just a matter of qualifying your details. (More about asset management)We can help you:

  • Edit/Manage full resolution source media in real-time
  • Maintain all applications licensing on-premise or in the cloud
  • Manage your media (from within applications or browser)
  • Securely share your media with 3rd parties
  • Archive or backup on premise or offsite
  • Create automated or collaborative workflows

For a quick quote and some interesting information on the latest technologies and specials, please complete the form below as best you can and we’ll review and get back with you asap! Typical response is one business day. Better yet, we welcome phone calls 800-473-6914 or chat messaging. Hope to catch up with you soon!

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