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EAR is the Southwest’s largest provider of broadcast, live streaming and content management systems. We provide factory authorized products, integration and services for over 300 of the industries best manufacturers. We can help you find that perfect replacement add-on part, or a complete system of hardware and software for your specific workflow (check out our design-build guide for helpful advice).

When you are ready for an upgrade or developing a new start-up, choosing the right people to help design and build your system is not just about success or failure, but reliability, efficiency and return on your investment for many years to come. Over the life of a system the relative cost of the initial purchase can easily become secondary to operational costs. The potential recurring expense of training, downtime and inefficiency due to complexity in operation typically over shadow the initial system purchase price.

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<p style="margin-top: 10px;">Building and designing integrated systems for content creation can be exciting and at the same time a highly profitable investment for media related companies. We’d welcome the opportunity to help you design and build your new system to a successful completion. We can get started today!</p>
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Command & Control

When split seconds can means millions of dollars, 24×7 mission critical real-time monitoring can mean success or disaster. Depcom Power manages and monitors solar power fields remotely across the country. They chose EAR to build their new best of class corporate command and control center.

Equipped with state of the art “one touch” Crestron control systems and one of the Southwest’s largest video walls, Depcom monitors solar field activity for operating conditions and possible service issues.

Contact an EAR technology specialist today to find the best value and technical efficiencies for your next command and control project.

Corporate Communications

With over 14,000 offices worldwide, Edward Jones creates corporate messaging for training and national network programming. EAR provided pre-sale consultation, systems design, installation and post sale support.

In 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, EAR enabled remote support and configurations for their production infrastructure and VMware virtualizated servers. This reduced their need for on premise maintenance and increased remote functionality while providing simplified server management. The HD studio supports a fiber and private network connected multi-studio network capable of broadcast quality production. System design, installation and documentation by EAR, DMD, Sachs Electric and Edward Jones’ staff.

Integration & Design Build Guide (2 of 2)


Continued Part 2 of 2 (read part 1 of 1)

New, But Not Beta. As an investment, buying the latest generation in technology is the best way to insure a long life cycle for your purchase. If you’re building a system, the safest way to integrate is to include equipment of the current generation, but not version 1.0 if possible. Many upgrade projects stop dead in their tracks waiting for just one component to get a stable software release or a firmware patch. An example would be choosing a file format that has great advantages but is too new to know if it will be widely supported before the next generation replaces it. The best option would be to build around proven standards and design a way to migrate to newer formats into your system.

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Integration & Design Build Guide (1 of 2)


Few projects have more challenges and rewards than recreating your workflow environment. Building a finely tuned system with the latest in technology and products can save operational time and dramatically increase the quality of your work. This article may help you understand the strategies for planning your upgrade or a new build for a professional audio or video creative work environment.

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