Top 10 PTZ Broadcast Camera Controllers FOR 2024


In a world where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, the realm of camera controllers is no exception. With hundreds of models flooding the market and new ones emerging daily, choosing the right controller can be a daunting task. As experts in the field, drawing from over 40 years of experience in broadcast, we at EAR Professional Audio Video have curated the definitive top 10 list for 2024. Our selection reflects not only the latest advancements but also our commitment to excellence in the world of audio and video production.

Check List Items
Timing/Delivery (most models 1-2 weeks)
Budget (Save on Purchase with Camera Discounts)
Compatible with Cameras (Connectivty and Video Format)
Number of Cameras
Easy Setup, Training & Support

Professional PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) broadcast controllers are specialized devices designed to enhance the functionality and operability of PTZ cameras in broadcast environments.

Key features of these controllers include:

  • Compatibility and Connectivity: High compatibility with various PTZ camera models and brands is a key feature, along with robust connectivity options (like IP, Serial, or wireless connections) to integrate seamlessly into existing broadcast infrastructures. NOT ALL CONTROLLERS will work with all cameras and it’s best to confirm with factory specifications or contact us prior to order.
  • Precision Control: They offer fine-tuned control over camera movements, allowing for smooth and precise pan, tilt, and zoom operations. This is crucial for live broadcasting where fluid motion and accurate framing are essential.
  • Multiple Camera Management: These controllers can typically manage multiple cameras simultaneously, enabling a single operator to switch between different camera angles and positions swiftly, which is essential for dynamic live broadcasting.
  • Preset Positions: They often have the ability to store preset positions and movements, allowing for quick transitions to commonly used camera angles and movements, which is highly beneficial in a fast-paced broadcast environment.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with a user-friendly interface, these controllers often feature joysticks, dials, and buttons that are ergonomically placed for ease of use, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency during long broadcasting sessions.
  • Robust Build and Reliability: Given the demanding environment of broadcast production, these controllers are built to be robust and reliable, ensuring consistent performance even in continuous and intensive use scenarios.
  • Advanced Features: Some advanced models may include features like auto-tracking, where the camera can automatically follow a moving subject, and integration with broadcasting software for enhanced control and automation.
  • Overall, professional PTZ broadcast controllers are integral in modern broadcasting, providing the necessary control and flexibility required for high-quality video production.

    Best for Affordable Priced Maximum Flexibility $899 USA

    PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Camera Joystick Controller

    PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller $899

  • Compatibility: NDI, VISCA, VISCA-over-IP, Pelco-P/D, RS-232, RS-422
  • Features: Auto Focus Lock, large LCD, built-in decoder
  • Pros: Controls 28 cameras in four groups, intuitive controls
  • Cons: Minor delay when switching cameras
  • Best for Mid-priced Advanced Features $1,349 USA

    Marshall VS-PTC-IP PTZ IP Camera Controller

    Marshall VS-PTC-IP PTZ IP Camera Controller $1,349

  • Cross protocol mix-control with RS232/RS422 and IP Protocol support: VISCA, PELCO D/P, ONVIF, and VISCA over IP
  • High-quality joystick allows for effortless, one-handed pan, tilt, and zoom adjustments
  • Tactile feel with professional rocker/seesaw switch for zoom control
  • Automatically search available IP cameras in a network and assign IP addresses easily
  • Tally Indicator: Includes Normal Tally/On-Air Tally/Contact Modes
  • Quick control of exposure, shutter speed, iris, compensation, white balance, focus, pan/tilt speed, zoom speed
  • Best for Compact Size and Compatibility $1,857 USA

    Skaarhoj PTZ Fly with Blue Pill Inside Compact controller

    Skaarhoj PTZ Fly with Blue Pill Inside – A Compact Controller $1,857

  • Modular multi-surface system High-quality backlit encoders with widescreen OLED displays
  • Programmable four-way buttons with bright OLED displaysSlim, ergonomic console form factorMulti-function keys for presets and camera selectionEthernet with PoE (IEEE802.3at)
  • Universal control of multiple 3rd party devices
  • Flexible user configuration
  • IP-based remote control, can be powered with PoE
  • Best for TriCaster functionality and Remote Control $15,495 USA

    Vizrt (NEW) Tricaster Flex Dual Control Panel $15,495

  • Connect effortlessly to a network using NDI and easily control any video switcher on the network
  • Benefit from delegate and utility rows that offer customizable workflows for every type of production, which can be saved and used at any time
  • Expand the I/O of any TriCaster instantly with onboard Audio Control and I/O
  • Take advantage of 24 direct cross points and 2 10-key dynamic menu systems, providing more power over productions than ever before
  • Enhance control over cropping, positioning, panning, and more with a full-size joystick.
  • Best for Compact Size and Panasonic Compatibility $3,225 USA

    PTZ Camera Controller & Power Supply Bundle

    Panasonic AW-RP60GJ Compact Remote PTZ Camera Controller $3,225

  • Control of up to 200 remote robotic network cameras Intuitive joystick for smooth and responsive PTZ camera control
  • 3.5″ LCD screen displays menu and key camera information such as iris, zoom and focus
  • Easy management of up to 100 PTZ camera presets
  • Supports PoE power (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Best for Compact Size and JVC PTZ Compatibility $2,130 USA

    JVC Pro RM-LP100U Remote Control-Panel for JVC PTZ and IP Cameras

    JVC Pro RM-LP100U Remote Control-Panel for JVC PTZ and IP Cameras $2,130

  • IP Controller for JVC IP PTZ and IP Camcorders
  • IP control of up to 100 cameras
  • 7-inch (diagonal) touch screen for PTZ and CCU functions
  • Heavy duty joystick for precise pan and tilt control
  • Professional zoom rocker for smooth, variable speed zoom control
  • Focus dial with push-auto function
  • Tally input (d-sub)
  • User assignable function keys
  • Best for Compact Size and BirdDog/Sony Compatibility $1,699 USA

    BirdDog BDPTZKEY NDI – PTZ Keyboard $1,699

  • BirdDog PTZ Keyboard comprehensive PTZ Keyboard via NDI®, NDI|HX, Visca over IP, RS422, and RS232
  • With the utilization of BirdDog’s advanced NDI® and IP technology
  • Auto discovering, connecting, and controlling your PTZ cameras
  • Exceptional ergonomics, high-quality buttons and joystick, all enclosed within an aesthetically pleasing design
  • One push auto focus or manual override
  • Best for Budget Friendly and Sony/Generic Compatibility $699.99 USA


  • Supports ONVIF, IP VISCA, Serial Port VISCA, PELCO‐D/P
  • With the utilization of BirdDog’s advanced NDI® and IP technology
  • RJ45, RS422, RS232 Control Interfaces
  • Control up to 255 Cameras
  • Control Various Camera Parameters for flexability
  • LCD Display, Keypad Sound Prompt, Real-time Display Decoder, and Matrix Working Status
  • Maximum Communication Distance: 1200M(0.5MM Twisted-Pair Cable)
  • Road Worthy and Maximum Compatibility $4,518 USA

    Skaarhoj PTZ Extreme with Blue Pill Inside – The ultimate robotic system controller $4,518

  • Blue Pill Inside
  • Universal control of multiple 3rd party devices
  • Flexible user configuration IP-based remote control
  • Auxiliary keys for iris/focus options
  • 3-axis Hall Effect Joystick with Custom designed aluminum zoom rocker
  • Labeled presets Camera selector
  • Stepless, friction balanced focus wheel
  • Large assignable iris knob
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af/t)
  • Best Value for Sony/Mixed Camera Systems $1,595 USA

    Bolin Technologies KBD-1010-RNV PTZ Camera Controller $1,595

  • Serial RS232/422/485 control and IP network control. Cross Protocol Mix-control, Visca, Visca-Over-IP, Pelco P/D, Onvif IP
  • 14 cameras over Visca
  • Supports 255 devices including camera and keyboard over one system that has combined traditional serial control system and over IP network
  • It supports all Bolin PTZ cameras and all PTZ cameras in the market that are controlled using Visca/ VISCAoIP/Pelco/Onvif
  • Supports any brand of Visca Over IP cameras in one system.
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    With 100’s of PZT Camera Controllers and more arriving everyday, the top 10 list is chosen for meticulous designs to cater to the diverse needs of both live and recorded broadcasts. From manual precision to semi-automatic operation, they empower professionals to capture breathtaking visuals with ease.

    However, the landscape is rapidly evolving, with a new breed of controllers that can operate with minimal human intervention or even independently. These cutting-edge controllers are revolutionizing commercial applications where minimal camera operation is a must, or resources for on-site operators are limited. Stay tuned for our forthcoming article delving deeper into this exciting and swiftly evolving product space, or reach out to one of our dedicated product specialists today. Whether you’re navigating the ever-expanding world of camera controllers or seeking the next level of automation, EAR Professional Audio Video is your trusted partner in the journey of innovation and excellence.

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