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Top Ten Reasons To Buy A TriCaster

The Tricaster series of broadcast and streaming video switchers have been around since the days of standard definition. Developed by NewTek (now a part of Vizrt Group following their acquisition), the TriCaster models have long been recognized for revolutionizing live production and broadcasting for a wide array of users, from individual content creators to professional broadcasters. All that is great but – why would I want to buy one? GIVE ME 10 GOOD REASONS.


  • # 1 Comprehensive suite of features that integrate live multi-camera production, video switching, graphics, playback, recording, and streaming system
  • # 2 Ideal solution for producing high-quality live video content for television, web, video conferencing and live presentations
  • # 3 IP (NDI/SRT) or traditional HD-SDI/HDMI input and output
  • # 4 Award winning support from EAR or Vizrt
  • # 5 Single, compact, and portable road worthy packaging (no scattered interfaces or accessories required)
  • # 6 Easily automated simply or complex tasks triggered by press of a button
  • # 7 Trade-in value for competitive and older TriCasters
  • # 8 Deep Training resources for new and advanced users
  • # 9 Remote production Ready! Run the Show from Home or Studio
  • # 10 Sleep better at night knowing your part of the world’s largest professional users for live production switchers

    The Tricaster series by NewTek, under the Vizrt umbrella, continues to set standards in live production technology by offering an array of products that cater to various production sizes and budgets. With its comprehensive set of features, the Tricaster line empowers users to create professional-quality live video content for virtually any application, reinforcing its position as a versatile and indispensable tool in the live production and broadcasting industry.

    Tricaster Series Key Features

    Feature Description
    Multi-Source Video Switching Allows seamless switching between multiple video sources (cameras, media, etc.).
    Graphics and Overlays Tools for adding professional graphics, titles, lower thirds, etc.
    Integrated Live Streaming Direct streaming to platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, without external encoders.
    Recording and Playback Simultaneous recording of live input sources and program output for post-production and repurposing.
    Virtual Sets and Chroma Key Advanced chroma keying for using virtual sets, enhancing production value with limited space.
    Audio Mixing Built-in audio mixer for sophisticated sound management.
    User-Friendly Interface Designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for producers with varying levels of experience.
    Portability and Affordability Options available for different budgets and production scales, from entry-level to advanced systems.
    Scalability Suitable for a range of productions, from simple webcasts to elaborate live events.

    Potential Use Cases

    Application Description
    Educational Institutions Streaming lectures, ceremonies, and other educational content.
    Corporate Communications Hosting webinars, virtual conferences, and live announcements.
    Entertainment and Online Content Creation Producing live shows, gaming streams, interviews, and interactive content for online platforms.
    Sports Broadcasting sports events with multi-camera coverage and instant replay capabilities.


    Request a DemoWe also offer special pricing for educational and government purchasing. Ask about our system discounts for packages loaded with Tricaster compatible cameras, monitors and hundreds of accessories. Compare the entire line of Tricaster models. EAR is the Southwest’s largest Newtek reseller. Free training with a new Tricaster purchase.

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