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Creating Video For A Legendary Guitar Company

Fender Guitar Chooses EAR For New Production Facilities

One of the more challenging parts of running a business in the 21st century is getting your story out to your employees and clients. With so many options to choose from,  social networking, streaming websites and many more – how do you decide on the best tools for your creative staff work with?

When the 66 year old legendary guitar manufacturer Fender decided to go public and upgrade their internal production capabilities they chose EAR to help make it happen. (image:

In advance of going public, Fender wanted to create content to tell their story as only they could, first hand experiences and company centric stories for marketing and internal training. They wanted versatile, cost effective and dynamic content for the web, trade shows and sales presentations.They decided original video content was the most effective way to package and delivery this messaging.

With thousands of people reviewing their IPO process,  many people would be taking a fresh look at Fender and expect it to be a strong investment if the messaging was right. The videos couldn’t look like the typical corporate talking-head clips that are way too easy sleep through.

To give them a versatile set of tools and a step-up from the norm, Fender chose the Panasonic AG-AF100 video film-style cameras. The AF100 offered the “film look” and all the ease of use of a compact professional video camcorder. Interchangeable lens and 24p HD recording were key to the look they were after.

Fender planned to start two new facilities in Los Angles and Scottsdale. The workflow had to allow easy transition between projects and locations. EAR guided the Fender staff through the product selection, setup, and workflow design process. (More about the AF100 and Special demo pricing while supplies last).

The average new production system contains over 40+ items. Properly designed to work together, there should be very little overlap or disconnects in the creative process from lights and cameras, to final post production and delivery. With the right help, a packaged system including everything from lighting to cameras and editing has never been more powerful and affordable.

With over 30 years of experience and the “best of breed” products, EAR delivers unique value and performance like no other company. Contact one of our professional product specialists to see how we can help you create and deliver your company story today.

Congratulations to Fender for their successful launch of new marketing capabilities. We wish them many years of great stories and quality production ahead! We’ll be there to help keep them running smoothly.

For additional information on this project please contact Jerry Delgado – email: jerry (at) 800-473-6914


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