1989 This Day In EAR history – Apple Reseller

This Day in EAR Company History

Aug 20th 1989, This Day In EAR history – Becoming an Apple Reseller

Over 20 years ago the process of becoming an Apple reseller was very different from today. The folks in Cupertino California were still a small upstart company, a rebel by the fledgling PC world standards. Our clients were already accepting Apple as a more creative and engaging tool than the more popular Windows desktop box.

What could you do with a Macintosh computer in 1989? Not much! With the “SE” model representing a bold new compact form factor for the computer world, musicians and home enthusiasts appreciated Apple’s graphics friendly OS and hardware.

EAR was selling MIDI based editing products and (hold on to your hat) tapeless digital audio editing! Of course this seems bizarre to  consider today – but at the end of the 1980’s tape still ruled the production world. Editing on an 8″ monochrome computer screen seemed to be from a far off planet!

The early years of computer editing were a “wait and see” process. Wait for the screen to refresh, wait for the cursor to catch up to that thing… what do you call it? Oh yeah a “mouse!”. EAR’s first digital audio editing systems sold were manufactured by Dyaxis*, one of hundreds of now extinct professional audio companies that pioneered the very powerful products we’ve grown used to today.

Fast forward to 2011 – EAR represents hundreds of both professional audio and video products lines – and yes Apple!  Our show rooms and manufacturer selections reflect the very best of contemporary technology and an appreciation for the  product lines and companies that have brought us to the amazing technology we enjoy today!

To find out more about EAR and our products and services – contact one of our product specialists today at 800-473-6914 or via our website contact form.

*Dyaxis was purchased later by Studer


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