Live Remote Drone Video Transmission PRODUCTS AND SUPPORT

Live Remote Drone Video Transmission
Products & Support

EAR Professional Audio/Video is excited to collaborate with the industries leading manufacturers of live streaming for 4G and 5G cellular networks to bring you cutting-edge solutions for secure, seamless, and remote video transmission across bonded-cellular networks. Whether you’re utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/Drones) or other sources, our solutions ensure reliable video transmission to any destination, even amidst network challenges.

Video Courtesy of LiveU (2 Minutes)

The 30,000 Foot View:

  • Live Video Monitoring, Sharing and Distribution
  • Rapid deployment and ease of use
  • Real-time low latency HD or 4K
  • Resilient and reliable connectivity
  • Commercial, EDU/GOV Pricing
  • Informed decision making
  • Access to 24/7 support
  • Special Contract Pricing Available

APPLICATIONS: EAR offers secure, high-quality live video transmission solutions for public safety, defense, and commercial applications. Utilizing advanced 4G and 5G technology, they ensure reliable connectivity and situational awareness for first responders, law enforcement, military, and any organization. These solutions enhance operational efficiency and decision-making, allowing remote viewing of live real-time video anywhere using desktop or mobile devices, providing cost-effective and efficient support.

HANDS-ON DEMO: For more details or to setup a demo – contact us at 800-473-6914 or our contact page. EAR offers special contract pricing and hands-on demonstrations for qualified users, ensuring that their solutions meet the specific needs of their clients while supporting compliance with safety regulations.


  • Factory Authorized Support: Direct from the manufacturers we represent, ensuring you receive the best possible service.
  • Training and Standby Support for “Go Live” and Special Events: Get the on-site or remote support you need to ensure flawless execution of your live events or missions.
  • Extended Warranty and Services: Protect your investments with our extended warranty options and ongoing support services.
  • Remote Live Streaming for Drone Bundle $25,998 US

    bonded-cellular networks from a wide range of sources such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/Drones) to ensure reliable transmission to any desired destination and function effectively despite network obstacles bundle

    LiveU Remote Drone Video Delivery Bundle One – LU300S Encoder, LU4000 Decoder, and Backpack$25,998

  • Does not include UAS/Drone
  • Features: Takes Live Video Feed from Drone Controller and allows secure streaming
  • (1) Encoder LU300S 4K-5G-10bit
  • (1) Decoder Server LU4000 Single 4K or Quad HD Rack Mount 1RU
  • (1) LiveU Backpack
  • One Year 24×7 Live or email support anywhere in the world
  • Cellular DATA Plan Sold Separately
  • EAR-contact-us

    Visit our contact page to request a quote or learn more about how we can assist you. At EAR, we are always eager to explore new opportunities and welcome new clients.

    EAR provides factory authorized repair and support for all products purchased from us. Most products come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty, with options to extend. If you’ve purchased your product from EAR, we’re your first call for support. Purchased elsewhere? We can connect you with premier third-party resources or discuss future support options. All products listed on our linecard qualify for standard business hour support, with options for 24×7 extended care.

    For immediate assistance, please contact us via phone or our online contact form. We’re here to ensure your systems are not just operational but optimized to their fullest potential.

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