What’s New – Video Technology Update


Here’s some quick comments freshly gathered from manufacturers meetings and the NAB show floor:

General overview

4k is now the standard bench mark for acquisition and (soon) editing. This push forward in resolution has created some fundamental changes in facility  infrastructure and workflow. As products continue to be more IT centric, HD-SDI coaxial copper cabling is being replaced by Cat6e and fiber cabling. The cost and performance benefit makes this an obvious transition.  For those facilities without benefit of 4k capable editors or infrastructure (ie: just about everyone today), there are some clever ways now to ingest higher resolution content and edit without managing multiple proxy resolutions – even on web based clients.

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Integration & Design Build Planning Guide (2 of 2)


Continued Part 2 of 2 (read part 1 of 1)

New, But Not Beta. As an investment, buying the latest generation in technology is the best way to insure a long life cycle for your purchase. If you’re building a system, the safest way to integrate is to include equipment of the current generation, but not version 1.0 if possible. Many upgrade projects stop dead in their tracks waiting for just one component to get a stable software release or a firmware patch. An example would be choosing a file format that has great advantages but is too new to know if it will be widely supported before the next generation replaces it. The best option would be to build around proven standards and design a way to migrate to newer formats into your system.

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