Sustainability Statement

Energy efficiency:

EAR uses the following technologies and methods in an effort to be more energy efficient – schedule building air-conditioning systems for reduced power consumption off business hours, converting to low power LED lighting, install high insulation building and window materials.

Reduction of greenhouse emissions:

EAR uses hybrid electric delivery vehicles. We also provide a free weekly lunch for employees that carpool to work.

Reduction of landfill waste:

EAR recycles 100% of paper and glass products.

Water Waste:

EAR uses natural desert landscaping minimizing water consumption.

Minimize Packaging Waste:

EAR reuses 95% of inbound packaging materials. We also use organic material fillers as inner box packaging. As we do not originate product shipment, we have limited opportunity to change packaging materials.

Car Pooling:

Employees participating in shared car pools qualify for free weekly lunch. They may also receive an extra 10mins for arrival and departure time for paid hourly workers.

Green Seal/EcoLogo Cleaning Products:

EAR uses qualified eco-friendly cleaning products for all inhouse and limited client projects.

Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines:

Our purchasing process uses only RoHs qualified electronic products and disposes of waste product using a qualified recycling resource.

Our Commitment:

EAR is committed to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize our efforts to operate in sustainable and environmental friendly ways.