LiveU LU800 Live Multi-Cam


The first production-level field unit for live news and sports coverage. Produce multi-camera live events from a centralized studio/OB van instead of dedicated on-site production and satellite trucks.

  • Combines up to 8 internal 5G/4G dual SIM modems for unparalleled reliability
  • Connects one to four cameras, with fully frame-synced feeds from a single portable unit
  • Includes 2-way IFB, Video Return, Tally Light & remote camera control
  • Up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth and richness
  • 16 channels for audio production capabilities
  • Up to 70Mbps; built on LiveU’s award-winning, patented HEVC technology
  • Rentals coming by the week or month (with or without operator)

Visit for a complete list of current daily, weekly, monthly or long term rental for features and options! Features include additional channels (LU800), cloud based and hardware based rentals and much more!

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    An estimated 60%-80% of most media storage unnecessarily occupies expensive online or shared storage. We can help you save time, money and protect your media assets. Spectra Announces StorCycle. Get a Quick Quote

    Checkout Spectra Logic’s StorCycle as one of many options:

    EAR has over 40 years of media storage expertise to properly implement an archiving solution into your broadcast or media organization’s workflow.  Some of the largest government and corporate entities and their IT departments rely on us everyday for the following:

    • Manage your media (from within applications or browser)
    • Securely share your media with 3rd parties
    • Archive or backup on premise or offsite
    • Create automated or collaborative workflows

    With the size of the digital world around us exponentially increasing, archiving is a concern for nearly every industry. Properly storing content in a safe and accessible manner is important to ensuring your team has access to the right media at the right time. To best leverage your existing and future network resources, EAR can work with your enterprise IT staff or small workgroup.

    The best place to start is to identify your existing assets and resources, and give us a call.

    If you have  a specific project or plan to accommodate, suggest a working time frame and budget. Equipped with these details, we can prepare courtesy quotes for review and consideration. The time frame will help us select complimentary products that can work together today, or at some time in the future. We can help you set priorities for the start of your system deployment and a long term strategy to maximize flexibility and return on investment.

    Call or email us today to find out more about how to protect your assets and build for your future. Get a Quick Quote

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    ROC LIC# 276269, 1GPA Contract 16-11PV-06

    What’s Bigger Than a Terabyte?

    What To Call 1,000 Terabytes?

    I recently listened to an episode of Science Friday on National Public Radio. The topic was “The Data Deluge” and featured discussion of how much data exists in the world today.

    Ira Flatow and his guest Martin Hilbert noted that the amount of stored data in the world today is about 600,000,000 Terabytes. I remember hearing “gigabyte” for the first time in the 1980s. Then 10 years later, in 1997 EAR sold the first terabyte storage system for animation, audio and video storage in Arizona. At $225,000 was this a bargain? It was for it’s day!

    Fast forward to 2011. The thought of multi-terabyte storage systems has become routine. But when will we move beyond terabytes to 1,000s of Terabytes? And what about the next generation of mass storage benchmarks? Below is a chart courtesy of Wikipedia.

    The answer to our question “What unit of measurement is beyond terabytes?” Answer: Petabytes.  And 1,000 petabytes is an exabytes. There are approximately 600 exabytes of data in the world today.

    Mass Storage Prefixes

    Wikipedia Chart

    If Moore’s Law holds, we should have personal storage devices by 2026 that  store exabytes the way we store terabytes today!

    Find out about Affordable Asset Management And Archiving for Mutli Media Content.

    Terabyte System circa 1997, $225,000

    Terabyte System circa 1997, $225,000

    Integration & Design Build Guide (2 of 2)


    Continued Part 2 of 2 (read part 1 of 1)

    New, But Not Beta. As an investment, buying the latest generation in technology is the best way to insure a long life cycle for your purchase. If you’re building a system, the safest way to integrate is to include equipment of the current generation, but not version 1.0 if possible. Many upgrade projects stop dead in their tracks waiting for just one component to get a stable software release or a firmware patch. An example would be choosing a file format that has great advantages but is too new to know if it will be widely supported before the next generation replaces it. The best option would be to build around proven standards and design a way to migrate to newer formats into your system.

    Read more