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Broadcast Time Delay & Server Systems

At EAR, we’re proud to bring you all the cutting-edge 360 Systems products/services and a game-changer in the world of broadcast technology. These state-of-the-art devices offer a clear path to empower you to create, record, and distribute professional content with ease and efficiency. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and unmatched reliability has made us a go-to choice for those seeking top-tier solutions in the world of audio and video production.

360SYSTEMS Primary Products

  • TSS Series: These are Time Delay and Profanity Delay systems designed to provide precise control over live broadcast content. They ensure that your broadcasts are free from unwanted content and comply with broadcasting regulations
  • MAXX-2400 Video Server: The MAXX-2400 is a professional video server designed for broadcast and media production. It offers high-performance recording, playback, and media management capabilities
  • Image Servers: These servers are used for playing back still and animated graphics in various broadcast and media production applications. They are known for their reliability and versatility in handling graphics playback
  • Video Servers: 360 Systems offers various video servers, including the MAXX-2400 mentioned earlier, designed to meet the demanding requirements of broadcast and media production, such as playout automation and video storage
  • Instant Replay: Instant replay systems are crucial for sports broadcasts and live events. 360 Systems provides solutions for instant replay, allowing broadcasters to capture and replay key moments during live broadcasts
  • Broadcast Products: This category likely includes various additional products and solutions used in the broadcasting industry, such as audio and video routing systems, automation software, and other tools designed to streamline broadcasting operations
  • Our Range of Products Our product portfolio at 360 Systems is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs within the audio and video production industry. From powerful video servers to robust audio and video routers, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that empower professionals to create, manage, and deliver high-quality content with ease. Our products are renowned for their exceptional performance, scalability, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that our customers can seamlessly integrate them into their workflows and achieve exceptional results.

    Innovation and Excellence At the heart of 360 Systems is a commitment to innovation and excellence. We invest heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions that meet the evolving demands of the industry. Whether you require reliable storage solutions for your media assets, powerful audio and video playback systems, or flexible routing solutions to manage your content distribution, 360 Systems has the expertise and products to help you succeed.

    Ready to take your audio and video capabilities to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about 360 Systems and how EAR can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who benefit from our deep knowledge and top-tier service. Your success is our priority

    TSS-1080P Variable Time Delay System

    Cutting-edge TSS-1080p Variable Time Delay system—a game-changer in the world of broadcast technology. This state-of-the-art device offers unprecedented control over your 1080p video streams, allowing you to delay them from 30 seconds to a whopping 24 hours with frame-accurate precision. Just like its predecessor, the TSS-2470II, this remarkable system enables on-the-fly adjustments without any loss of your valuable content.

    TSS-4400 Record Up To 4 Channels Simultaneously

    The TSS-4400, is a game-changer that packs a punch in a compact 1U form factor. Designed to empower you to create, record, and distribute professional content with ease and efficiency.

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