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Our Client Stories:

Hear firsthand from the businesses and individuals who have entrusted us with their projects. Their stories are a testament to our enduring commitment to their success. Our success story is incomplete without the invaluable partnerships we’ve forged with our clients. As you navigate through our project portfolio and technological timeline, you’ll see the thread that ties it all together – our unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and, most importantly, our clients.

Together with our clients, we’ve built more than projects; we’ve built lasting relationships and a legacy of excellence. Join us in celebrating our journey through decades of innovation. EAR – where innovation meets dedication.

Recent Client Projects:

Legislative AV & Hybrid Meetings

Legislative AV & Hybrid Meetings

WHEN SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION Managing live broadcasts and remote collaboration has become to new normal. Keeping the production simple enough for part time or intern staff can be a daily challenge. EAR has 1,000s of hours of expertise designing, installing and supporting these very mission critical services. We ...
command and control center

Command & Control

When split seconds can means millions of dollars, 24x7 mission critical real-time monitoring can mean success or disaster. Recent projects with McCarthy Building Companies and Koch Industries highlight EAR's command and control integration to manage and monitor solar power fields remotely across the globe. They chose EAR to build their ...
ON-AIR 8K Video Wall

ON-AIR 8K Video Wall

The Southwest's Largest On-Air 8K Broadcast Video Wall. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the launch date and first on-air broadcast, completed soon! Let us show you why LED walls are replacing video projectors with a vivid, seamless display that will get your messaging across with compelling and ...
Sparklight/Cable One Internet Services

Remote Content Distribution

Sparklight (formerly Cable One) National Media Network Content Creation Distribution.Cable One is a national cable and broadband provider. To manage their client content creation and distribution, EAR helped them design and deploy a national file based workflow. Using Telestream's Vantage encode and distribution systems, thousands of commercial spots are managed ...
Education & Broadcasting

Education & Broadcasting

To accommodate explosive growth in social and traditional video media, University of Nevada Las Vegas invested in Avid’s iNews, Nexis shared storage and Interplay production asset management system upgrades in 2019-2020. UNLV required complete upgrades for their journalism iNews content creation, massive shared storage and Interplay asset management systems. Leveraging ...
Unlock the Power of VMware

Unlock the Power of VMware

As the demand for network services and support continues to grow, EAR is at the forefront of virtualization. We understand the cost and management benefits for broadcast and institutional on-premise or cloud functionality. Virtualization greatly simplifies the management and integration between on premise or cloud based resources. Our commitment to ...
Professional Sports

Professional Sports

EAR provided the first non-linear editing system to an NBA team in 1996, and we’re still offering great value and state of the art systems to professional sports today. EAR has been providing editing and media management products to the Arizona Cardinals since 1990s. The Cardinals use a shared storage ...
professional broadcast corporate communications cloud or on premise audio video production

Corporate Communications

ELEVATE YOUR CORPORATE VISION We don’t just resell products; we curate the best in the business, ensuring that your production is backed by cutting-edge technology. The world of film and video production is complex enough. Let us handle the technicalities, getting you up and running on budget and never missing ...
Government Council Chambers

Government Council Chambers

The city of Phoenix is the largest metropolis in the Southwest. Like most larger cities they broadcast their city council meetings live and on demand via the internet. A special challenge to their operation was allowing control of their board meetings from the City Channel 11 studios located a block ...