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HAU-Hautespopt-2015-sidebarAs recent national events drive a greater awareness and demands for body cameras and security video, managing thousands of hours of media may seem an impossible task. Published reports suggest 96% of security videos reduce legal costs and conflicting points of view with witnesses testimony. However keeping the cameras rolling can create huge amounts of data to store and manage.

EAR has specialized in video acquisition, media management and IT networking for over 20 years. A perfect skill set for the special demands of law enforcement video. We provide products and systems for commercial security, healthcare, broadcast, and public safety industries. Get a free consultation and learn best practices and capabilities for recording and managing video from body cameras, patrol cars and fixed cameras.

With advanced appointments, we can schedule time with the industry leading in law enforcement video recording and management manufacturers. Whether you are a small agency or a large enterprise, get a personal hands on look at everything from body cameras to management and archiving systems – designed specifically for your budget and needs.

HAU-technology_digital_asset_managementKey Manufacturers:

Spectra Logic archiving for broadcast and law enforcement video.

HautSpot products for commercial security, healthcare, broadcast, and public safety industries

Soleratec – Digital Evidence Management

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