Corporate Production Facility

With over 14,000 offices worldwide, Edward Jones creates corporate messaging for training and national broadcast network distribution. EAR provided pre-sale consultation, systems design, installation and post sale support.  The new HD studio complex supports a fiber and private network connected multi-studio network capable of broadcast quality production. System design, installation and documentation by EAR, DMD, Sachs Electric and Edward Jones’ staff.

Professional Sports Editing and Media Management

Through out the year EAR has worked with a handful of professional sports teams. In 1996 EAR provided the first non-linear video editing system to an NBA team. Almost 20 year later, we’re still offering great value and state of the art systems to professional sports today. EAR has been providing editing and media management products to the Arizona Cardinals since the late 1990s. The Cardinals use a shared storage system with content management provided by, installed, and supported by EAR.

Public Theater and HD Production Facility

Designed by EAR from the ground up, Trivita is a specially designed theater for public and private productions. The theater accommodates room for a studio audience and a state of the art HD production system that records and streams content worldwide for corporate messaging. The multi-robotic HD cameras are recessed for the smallest working space and minimal visibility. One operator can do the work of multiple camera operators using real-time controls and presets. The system provides output to the theater projectors and live stream to the web. The theater pays for itself many times over each year by creating sales and marketing content for product sales worldwide