Neve Releases New Module Options for Mixer

AES NYC, Rupert Neve Announces Two New 5088 Modules

At this year’s AES conference in New York City, Rupert Neve Designs is announcing the release of the two new modules for the groundbreaking and multi-award winning 5088 console: The 5051 Inductor EQ / Compressor module and the 5088 Stereo Module.

The new Stereo Module for the 5088 uses the same high-voltage, transformer-coupled topology found throughout the 5088, and allows both twice the density, and considerable cost savings when compared with mono modules.  The Stereo Module is outfitted with a single 100mm fader, individual left/right pans, individual trims, 6 auxes and a stereo width control.  When Aux to Groups on Aux 5/6 is activated, the stereo channel signal can be routed with an independent mix level to any of the 8 groups.

The 5051 combines a classic three band EQ based on Rupert’s vintage designs with the power and flexibility of the Portico Series compressor.   Utilizing a discrete, class-A signal path and high performance input and output transformers, the 5051 delivers the performance and musicality expected from a Rupert Neve Design.

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New JBL Dance Club Series

New from JBL Professional – Marquis Series Dance Club Series

EAR is proud to announce JBL’s new dance club series speaker systems. With over 30 years of experience as a JBL reseller, EAR can provide award winner sales and support for your new system. And great professional advice and pricing!

Models in the JBL Marquis Dance Club Series include the following:

  • MD1 ultrahigh-frequency module (2 x JBL Selenium ST400 super tweeters)
  • MD2 horn-loaded 8-inch mid-high-frequency module (2 x 2169H Differential Drive® mid-frequency transducers and one 2453H-SL compression driver, 90-degree horizontal coverage and up 20-degree and down 30-degree vertical coverage
  • MD3 horn-loaded low-frequency module (2 x 2265H Differential Drive lowfrequency transducers)
  • MD46 4-way quad-amplified full-range system (2 x 2265H 15-inch woofers, CMCD- 82H mid-frequency driver, 2432H compression driver and two ST400 super tweeters; 60 x 40-degree coverage pattern)
  • MD49 4-way quad-amplified full-range system (2 x 2265H 15-inch woofers, CMCD- 82H mid-frequency driver, 2432H compression driver and two ST400 super tweeters; 90 x 50-degree coverage pattern)
  • MD52 2-way full-range system (12-inch 262H Differential Drive woofer, 2408H-1 compression driver operating into a 90 x 50-degree Progressive Transition™ horn)
  • MD55 2-way full-range system (15-inch 265H Differential Drive woofer, 2408H-1 compression driver operating into a 90 x 50-degree Progressive Transition horn)
  • MD7 subwoofer (2 x 18-inch 2269H Differential Drive subwoofers with four- inch, dual-voice-coil, dual-gap Vented Gap Cooling drivers)

The MD1, MD2, MD3 and MD7 ultra-high, mid-high-frequency, low-frequency and subwoofer modules can be combined to create a complete 5-way loudspeaker system that delivers extended high-frequency, high-frequency, midrange, bass and sub-bass capability, with frequency response down to 20Hz and the ability to effortlessly deliver high volume levels in large spaces. The MD1 provides frequency response from 8kHz to beyond 20kHz, the MD2 handles frequencies from 300Hz to 20kHz, while the MD3 provides frequency response from 80Hz to 300Hz and the subwoofer is capable of generating bass down to 20Hz (-10 dB). The JBL Marquis Dance Club Series MD46, MD49, MD52 and MD55 are standalone, full-range loudspeakers that can be used in a variety of room sizes and applications.

The systems feature a distinctive grille design and system appearance, making them suitable for the interior décor of highdesign club environments.

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What’s Happening With Final Cut Pro?

What’s Happening With Final Cut Pro?

In case you missed the roll out of Apple’s “evolutionary” version of Final Cut Pro X in June – it rocked the professional world, but not for the reason’s Apple expected. While many in the editing world loved its new interface and $299 price, most of the professional world saw its short comings as show stoppers and cried foul! Educational institutions were blind-sided as well by the timing and questionable future for FCP students.

Why not just go with the new “X” version? FCP X lacks support for many professional features including no multicam editing, no support for shared storage and a complete disconnect from the previous versions. These are just a few reasons for many professional users to consider moving off of Apple editing products entirely and look for a more future-proof product suite.

Avid and Adobe were quick to see the opportunity and offered attractive “cross-grades” for existing FCP users, slashing prices by 50% got a lot of immediate attention. Existing FCP users can use their FCP license (Avid) to get a huge discount to switch to other manufactures software. Adobe just heavily discounted CS5.5 temporarily (ask an EAR product specialist for details).

Both Adobe and Avid have extended their popular FCP trade-in programs through October. Hopefully the $1,495 – $895 price point established by these offers will continue. I suspect we may even see some “Lite” versions of software appear soon to keep entry level price affordable for new users. EAR also offers special pricing for education and government orders.


Before we close the book on Final Cut Pro there are a couple parting overtures Apple has tossed their pre-FCPX users. Due to tremendous pressure by scores of loyal FCP professional users, Apple shipped “one last batch” of Final Cut Pro Suite software in September (Ver 7). With ebay copies of FCP selling for above retail, EAR has a few copies at the old price of $995 each. Even less if ordered with a computer. Apple has also reinstated the download of software  updates for FCP version 7 to insure everyone has the last final fresh version of Final Cut.


Last month Apple released FCP X with some features enhancements. For many this was seen as too little too late. Apple hardware still is seen as the best editing platform by many – however with Apple’s mobile and consumer focus it appears doubtful they will be making a strong effort to cater to the smaller professional user’s needs in the future.

Apple still makes great products. I wouldn’t count them out to roll out some game changers in the near future. The new transition to Thunderbolt hardware and it’s dramatic improvement in speed may offer Apple the chance to discontinue the last Mac Pro computer in the coming months or years as laptops and small footprint Macs ship with more CPU horsepower. Imagine – no more PCIe cards! Everything connects outside the computer via a small thin cable, storage, monitors, media recorders, everything. Laptops, Mac minis and iMac desktops

The days of feature comparisons between editing software have quietly come to point of personal preference. The choices between Avid and Adobe are very easy. Both are affordable, work on Mac or PC and while there are still some features to differentiate the two companies products, those too are becoming less important to the majority of editors.

The battle seems to be over for now, and we’re all the winners.

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Apple – End of Logic Pro?

Apple Moving Toward Release of Logic Pro X?

MacRumors recently reported that Apple may soon be releasing an “app” version of their music/audio authoring product Logic. Many people see this trend by Apple to be similar to the changes with their video  editing product Final Cut Pro. While many new and part time editors applauded the new price point and ease of use – professional users cried foul! As Apple grows into a much larger and consumer centric company their product mix and focus is moving away from the smaller professional user base and to the larger consumer products world.

iPads are becoming the device of choice for control and capture

EAR has many professional users loyal to the Apple platform staying with their hardware and moving to alternate professional hardware. Adobe, Avid (Digidesign) and many other companies are moving quickly to offer “cross-grade” or trade up opportunities for existing Apple Logic and Final Cut Pro users.

More about the MacRumor article:

Japanese site Macotakara reports that Apple may be finishing up work on a new version of its Logic professional audio software, with the new version being named Logic Pro X. According to a rough English translation provided alongside the original Japanese-language report, a source familiar with the status of the project appears to report that the news comes from a source involved in a “customer interview” with Apple’s Logic team.

The report indicates that Apple will be discontinuing the Soundtrack Pro component of Logic Studio with the update, which would mirror the move taken with the release of Final Cut Pro X earlier this year. Soundtrack Pro 3 had been offered with both Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, but is no longer included as part of the Final Cut Pro X application set.

entire article details

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Archive Solution For Audio and Video

Holy Cow!  Cache-A receives NAB Blue Ribbon award

Direct Update from the world’s most popular backup technology… We have a lot of respect for Creative Cow’s peer-to-peer support community for digital media professionals. So we are extremely pleased to hear that Cache-A received a Creative Cow Magazine Blue Ribbon Award for the category, Archive. We were very pleased that the award was picked by the Creative Cow Community  (reported by Bob Zelin, one of the most knowledgeable contributors to The Cow’s Forums).

Here’s what Bob says:

“How can you beat Cache-A? They dropped their price on the 800GB Prime-Cache LTO-4 while introducing the new, cost-effective 1500GB LTO-5-based Prime- Cache5, and they still offer the smartest LTO Archive products on the market…”

Cache-A’s mission is to make archiving easy by including all of the required hardware and software to provide a complete solution right out of the box. Archiving to us means not only, preserving the assets of digital media professionals, but providing easy access to that content at any stage in their file based workflows.

We are honored to receive Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon Award for Archive and would like to share our professional pride with all involved in our industry. Thanks for the support.

For more details and special pricing contact one of EAR’s product specialist today! 800-473-6914 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm MST) or via our contact form.