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Avid Support, Product Details

One of the great advantages of computer based products is how easy they can evolve and become enhanced with upgrades and updates. Avid is one of the few professional manufacturers that offer a variety of choices to support and keep your system current with the latest release. More about our services

Avid support has made some changes and as an Avid support customer, we wanted you to be among the first to know.

As of April 2012 Avid is offering a new support product line with Expert, ExpertPlus and Elite,. These changes were developed based on your feedback to best address your needs. The new support products replace the previous “assurance” products and offer increased access to support, more flexibility to the plans and some major improvements to our systems and operations to improve your overall experience.

If you have support purchased prior to these changes, the changes will not affect you until your contract is up for renewal. Remember, we’re always here to help you get the most out of your support contract.

get a quick quoteAvid Advantage: gives you the edge you need to thrive in today’s highly-competitive media market.  Delivered by global teams of Avid Advantage professionals with world-class experience and expertise, every Avid Advantage plan is designed to ensure you maintain the highest standard of operational effectiveness.

There are three types of support you can purchase annually. They range from “Elite” mission critical broadcast to just minimal cost for Experts:
Expert: includes 7×24 access with 24-hour response, basic phone support, standard escalation and hardware coverage (optional for a fee).
ExpertPlus: includes 7×24 access with 4-hour response, priority phone support, Code Blue escalation, upgrades and hardware coverage (optional for a fee).
Elite: includes 7×24 access with a 1-hour response, highest priority phone support, Code Blue escalation, upgrades, hardware coverage and proactive support with system monitoring and complimentary health checks.

We also sell local packages and software upgrades for system off regular support.

If you’d like more factory fresh details, please take a look at the Avid Advantage support website. Avid also offers online support for all their support programs 24×7:

Avid Knowledge Base: Search product information, subscribe to articles of interest, and receive notification when new information is posted.

Avid Advantage support portal: Register now, log in and submit a case online. It’s an easy way to submit, edit, and monitor all of your support cases.

Need more help with choosing the best support for your system or special professional pricing? Contact an EAR product support specialist today at 800-473-6914.

EAR has been a Avid professional reseller since 1993.


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